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When people ask what my inspiration was for creating STALK & SPADE®, the story is quite simple. I first became exclusively plant-based in 2014 on the advice of my doctor. Not only did my physical health improve, but I had more energy and mental clarity than ever before! I quickly understood the incredible benefits of this new lifestyle and continue to live my “why” 7 years later. Over the years, I realized that finding plant-based restaurant options on-the-go proved to be difficult. I knew there had to be a better way! I got to work, and soon STALK & SPADE® was born.

While some of you can relate, I realize that many of you are just scratching the surface of plant-based eating. Wherever you’re at, STALK & SPADE® was created to be a welcoming place with familiar favorites that you can feel great about eating!

On behalf of the entire team, thank you for making a thoughtful choice for your body, mind, and our planet!

Steele Smiley
Founder & CEO, STALK & SPADE

plant-based restaurant


We believe in being the best versions of ourselves, starting with great-tasting, plant-based food that you can feel good about eating.


We are passionate about people, and dedicate ourselves to providing an exceptional guest experience, 100% of the time.


We have a commitment to continuous innovation as we drive our mission of making plant-based eating more accessible in communities across the nation.


STALK & SPADE® is a 100% plant-based, dairy-free restaurant that believes great-tasting, healthy food should also be accessible and convenient. Our menu offers a wide selection of plant-based fast food alternatives, including burgers, cheeseburgers, chick’n sandwiches, chick’n nuggets, cauliflower wings, salads, fries, and frozen treats.

Additional locations coming soon! Check out news on our Edina, MN and Miami, FL openings!

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